• Ryan Roghaar

    Ryan Roghaar

    CEO at R2. Founder at Teammate Apart. Remote work advocate. Consultant. Writer? TBD.

  • Line Morkbak

    Line Morkbak

    Facilitator of collaboration (virtual, local, global). Love supporting, being part of cross-pollination of ideas from a range of different voices & perspectives

  • Sonia Claudia Catinean

    Sonia Claudia Catinean

  • David Grover

    David Grover

    David Grover is the CEO of Falcon Grove Productions, a Netherlands-based film and television production company. His most recent project is “Trumped by Music”.

  • Pavel Ilin

    Pavel Ilin

    Software Engineer, AI researcher and Transhumanist.

  • Liztotton


  • Emma Dickinson (Emma Bee)

    Emma Dickinson (Emma Bee)

    I’m a multi-passionate, mum of 3. I refused to choose between a big family and a big career. Having both is a challenge but the most fun!

  • Chr


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